Play in an un-structured open ended environment

Develops creativity, complex thinking skills and planning skills

Fitness, coordination and balance

Mana motukeke

Independence, self-regulation, resilience and self-esteem

Mahi Tahi

Co-operation, negotiation, collaboration and group ethos


Guardianship and conservation of our precious natural environment.

Mana Whenua

A sense of place and belonging

Self Confidence

Developing growth mindset through challenges and risk taking

Exploring the rich sensory experience of nature

Play based learning

Learning local stories, Maori legends and connecting through Mana Whenua

Setting goals and overcoming challenges

Taku Patai

Questioning, critical thinking and problem solving


Curiosity, investigating scientific concepts

Nature School NZ has a mission to get as many children as possible learning from and through nature.

We offer customised planning and programming to get small groups of children visiting and learning from and through nature in their local places. Working mainly with Primary schools and pre-school services, through the Bush Sprouts programme we take children to their local bush space weekly, with experienced and qualified professionals to nurture and extend their love for and learning from and through nature. Funding may be available.

Our Programmes

Bush Sprouts Programme

A custom made nature play programme for your school. We manage the set-up as facilitation for as long as as you need, with the aim of creating a fantastic, sustainable programme? for your school to continue running. Funding may be available.

Nature School Programme

A weekly, long-term programme offering the benefits and joys of learning from and through nature with a small group of experienced educators. Children between 4 and 10 years enrol privately with permission and in consultation with their school.

He Kakano

An environmental education programme. We enable students to gather native seeds locally, propagate and care for them at school and then re-plant and grow the native trees in local bush areas.?Funding may be available.

Give your children an experience?to remember!


Self Confidence

Thinking Investigation

Self Esteem

Growth Mindset


Balance, Fitness

Place based Learning



Creativity, Problem Solving


Risk taking/ Assessment

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Reach Us

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