He kākano

He Kākano is Nature School NZ’s newest project. This is a chance for Schools to run their own restoration project; to get their children and community involved in kaitiakitanga giving back to the local bush


Nature School NZ Trust will bring in our expert restoration team to lead the school through the whole process – This includes eco-sourcing native seeds from around the school and local bush areas, raising and caring for them at your School over a growing season, and then planting the young native trees back into local bush areas.

We can tailor the project to your School and make this a meaningful learning experience for the whole School. There is so much learning and meaning to be made from identifying and sourcing native seeds, planting, caring for and growing healthy plants, and then working with your local community to plant the young plants into local bush areas. Children will be able to visit their trees for years to come, and gain a real sense of guardianship towards NZ native bush and environment; creating a beautiful connection to the school and the land.

Nature School NZ is lucky to have Dan Green leading the He Kākano project; He has years of experience in environmental restoration, has worked as a Environmental Restoration Officer for District Councils and assisted Regional Council with restoration in protected reserves. He has assisted volunteer conservation groups from Plimmerton to Otaki, with their restoration projects. And has recently worked on the Transmission Gully Roading project as a Restoration Foreman.

Leo Smith, the director of Nature School NZ, has been planting trees with her family since she was 2 years old, to restore her local motu; Mana Island. She developed He Kākano and has worked on restoration projects on Mana Island, in Te Maika and many local projects. Leo runs Nature School and Bush Sprouts; in which kaitiakitanga is embedded in the culture, and she also runs community clean up/planting days for Bush Sprouts Schools.


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